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What to do when the updated account balance is incorrect?

Step 1: In order to update the account balance again, customers need to first check whether the data has been synchronized up yet? If not, proceed with manual data synchronization. Step 2: Then go to Data and then select Reload Data from server function.  Step 3: Finally, check that your balance has been updated correctly. […]

What is the difference between the Premium and Free version?

Unlike the Free version, when customers can only create 2 accounts; 1 spending limit and create up to 2 savings books. When upgrading to Premium, customers will have unlimited use of the features on the MISA Money Keeper and not be bothered by advertising. See more information in the comparison table below: Categorie Free version […]

Can I use an old version of the MISA Money Keeper?

Once upgraded to the new version, customers will not be able to use the old version.With each improvement, the product development team of MISA Money Keeper has tried very hard to bring to customers many new, attractive features or change the old features in a convenient, easy-to-use and overcome way. Get the inconvenience from the […]