Register / log in to MISA Money Keeper application

After successfully installing the MISA Money Keeper application, you need to register for an account (the first time you access) to be able to log in to the application

Step 1: Open the MISA Money Keeper app on your phone, the screen displays the message “MISA Money Keeper would like to send you notifications …” Click  Allow

Step 2: Click Register a new account

Step 3: Choose 1 of 3 ways to register an account

  1. Sign up with Facebook
  • Click Sign up with Facebook
  • Click Continue
  • Click  Continue as the name “facebook”

2. Sign up with Google

  • Click Sign up with Google
  • Click Continue
  • Select the account you want to log in

3. Sign up by email

  • Enter your email name and password
  • Click Log In

Step 4: Set up initial information

  • Select the currency you are using then click Continue
  • Declare the current amount you currently have. Then press Get started

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