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Record the expenses

Every day there are many expenses incurred such as: Food and drink; Auto & Transport, Clothing,… To record these expenses on the MISA Money Keeper, customers follow the instructions below: Step 1: Touch the + button on the screen, the system default selects the Expense interface Step 2:  Fill out the payment information, including: Amount […]

Record incommes / expenses periodically

If you have a fixed monthly payment such as: Rent; Hiring maids can create Recurring transaction on the Money Keeper for easy management. Details of the steps are as follows: Step 1: In the Other tab, select Recurring transaction Step 2: In the Recurring transaction,  press the + button Step 3: Select Expense/ Income or […]

Edit / delete items of income and expense

To correct or delete a revenue / expenditure item, customers follow the instructions below: Step 1: In the Other tab, click Categories Step 2: Select Expense Category or Income Category then click the item to edit / delete Step 3: Perform corrective actions: Name of item; Icon; Select Parent Category then press Save or  Delete […]