Record the expenses

Every day there are many expenses incurred such as: Food and drink; Auto & Transport, Clothing,… To record these expenses on the MISA Money Keeper, customers follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Touch the + button on the screen, the system default selects the Expense interface

Step 2:  Fill out the payment information, including:

  • Amount of money
  • Revenue category: Select 1 of spending categories such as: Food, Home, Kids,… or can add new categories depending on the needs of users
  • Payment account


In case the customer wants to add  payeer  or  location  place notes click on  Show more Details. Then add the appropriate information.

In addition, if you have to borrow to pay for this amount, customers can record by activating the Borrow to pay,  enter the borrower’s name and number of days of repayment (if any).

Step 3: After entering, select ” Save ” or tap the button  in the top right corner to save the data.

To review the recorded expenses on the application, at the Overview screen, click View transactions. The screen displays the complete customer record history. Click on notes to see details

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