Set spending limit on application

If you plan to spend 200$ per month on Food and Drink, set a spending limit of “FOOD”. MISA Money Keeper will help you manage and give alerts if spending more than the initial amount. From there you can balance and better control your spending activities.

The steps to create a spending limit are as follows:

  1. Create spending limit

Step 1: Click the Other tab  ,  select  Budget

Click Create your first budget the first  time you use the app

Note: For customers who have created a limit, press the + button to add a new limit

Step 2: Fill in the information:

  • Amount
  • Categories
  • Account
  • Choose a start time

You can activate the Move the remaining to next period to transfer the excess or overspending amount to a new period

Step 3: Click Save to finish.

2. Monitor and control spending limits

To track the created limit, click the Home tab  

The program will automatically calculate the spent amount and display the remaining amount in the limit.

Note : When the amount exceeds the spending limit set at the beginning, on the screen, there is a notice of  Over “amount”. At the same time the money measure automatically turns red.

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